About us

Enthusiasts of miniatures, tabletop RPGs, board games and 3D printing.


We are from Poland, from the beautiful cities of Szczecin and Warsaw, and we have one thing in common - love for all geeky stuff. We have loved playing various board games and tabletop RPGs since we were little, and even now we play something at least once a month. We just love it. It's that simple.


For a very long time we dreamed of having our own miniature shop and dreams finally turned into reality. We have been operating on the market for over 3 years and we are constantly trying to expand our catalog. We do not want to focus on one type of miniatures, so you will find here not only miniatures but also busts, statuettes and even 18+ models. We want to be the best miniature shop on the internet, where everyone will find something for themselves.


Any gamer or painter knows how important attention to detail is in this hobby. We know that too. We have perfectionists in the team who will do their best to ensure that your models are as well prepared and cleaned as possible before you get them in your hands. Each order will be treated as if we were preparing it for our friend.


The Golden Rule "Treat others how you want to be treated". If we order some miniatures or accessories ourselves, we wouldn't want them to arrive in a bad condition. You can be sure that our team will never send a damaged model, and if something happens to the model during delivery, just write to us and send a photo - money back guaranteed.